Patient stories

Read our patient stories and discover some remarkable experiences of hip replacement with The London Hip Clinic and the Röttinger Approach. 

Our founder's own experience

The London Hip Clinic Founder Professor Wilson experienced a successful hip replacement surgery himself using the Röttinger Approach. He was amazed that he walked away without crutches after his surgery.

Byron's story: "I came here in agony and now walking pain free - it is life changing"

After months of agony that had prevented him from doing even the most basic tasks, Byron chose to have his hip replaced at The London Hip Clinic using the Röttinger approach. He was back on his feet with no crutches just hours after his total hip replacement.

Ceri reclaimed her mobility with Dr. Kristian Kley

Ceri battled chronic knee and hip pain for years, taking us through their remarkable experience, from the initial struggles to the life-changing surgery that restored their mobility and freedom.

Sue's story: "To now be without pain, is a dream"

After years of extreme pain, we were delighted to welcome Sue to The London Hip Clinic for hip replacement surgery. Sue had suffered from hip pain for years and had been told her condition was untreatable. After her surgery, Sue was walking around pain-free within days. Her life has been changed forever. 

Richard is moving pain free after his hip replacement​

Richard’s right hip was burdened with severe osteoarthritis which meant he could no longer enjoy his active lifestyle. Richard was nervous about having a traditional hip replacement but was pleased to come across our less invasive technique with a much faster recovery. In just a matter of weeks, from his first contact with us, he then had his life-changing hip replacement surgery.

Tracy is feeling liberated after her hip replacement

Tracy was suffering from osteoarthritis in her right hip, preventing her from living her life to the fullest.

Just 12 days after her surgery, Tracy was walking and driving around with no pain, feeling better than ever.

Peter is back to training after his hip replacement​

After 2 years of pain and restrictions, Peter sought help for his hip pain. As a fitness enthusiast and keen rower, Peter was eager to get back in top shape in order to start competing again. 

Just three weeks later and Peter is training again and should be able to return to rowing in no time.

Caroline is back on her feet after her hip replacement

Caroline had been suffering from severe osteoarthritis and hip pain that was getting in the way of spending time with family and living her life to the fullest. After some research, Caroline chose to have her hip replaced at The London Hip Clinic and the Röttinger approach. The day after her surgery, she was pain-free and walking without crutches.

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