Private Hip Replacements

We are the only clinic in the UK offering a minimally invasive hip replacement.

From £250 per month*

*50% deposit and 24 monthly payments of £250 (subject to suitability, a credit check will be required). Pay in full and save £1000 at £10,950.

Dr Kristian Kley explains how the minimally invasive Röttinger Approach is unique.

Private Hip Replacements

We, as a group of orthopaedic surgeons, are currently the sole providers in the UK offering this novel, less invasive approach.​

From £250 per month​

Total cost £11,950*

*50% deposit and 24 monthly payments of £250 (subject to suitability, a credit check will be required). Pay in full and save £1000 at £10,950.

"To now be without pain, is a dream" - Sue's story

After years of extreme pain, we were delighted to welcome Sue to The London Hip Clinic for hip replacement surgery. Sue had suffered from hip pain for years and had been told her condition was untreatable. After her surgery, Sue was walking around pain-free within days. Her life has been changed forever. 

Richard is moving pain free after his hip replacement​

Richard’s right hip was burdened with severe osteoarthritis which meant he could no longer enjoy his active lifestyle. Richard was nervous about having a traditional hip replacement but was pleased to come across our less invasive technique with a much faster recovery. In just a matter of weeks, from his first contact with us, he then had his life-changing hip replacement surgery.

Hear our founder's own experience

The London Hip Clinic Founder Professor Wilson experienced a successful hip replacement surgery himself using the Röttinger Approach. He was amazed that he walked away without crutches after his surgery.

Our hip procedure is innovative and ground-breaking

Based at Fitzrovia Hospital, our surgeons offer the highly effective and minimally invasive Röttinger Approach to total hip replacement surgery. Our muscle-sparing technique leads to quicker recovery times for patients. 

London Hip Replacement Clinic - Fitzrovia Hospital

This innovative surgery, performed by our internationally renowned surgeons, is a day case procedure that’s effective and affordable, with no hidden fees.

Visit our frequently asked questions to see lots more information and videos about the procedure, recovery, benefits and risks.

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