Dr. Kristian Kley

An esteemed orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Kley is known for his pioneering work in reconstructive hip and knee surgery, including innovative osteotomy applications for knee conditions. Based in Hannover and working at The London Knee Osteotomy Centre, he also consults for various international organizations.

After graduating from Hannover Medical School in 2006, Dr. Kley gained experience in orthopaedic trauma, spinal surgery, and sports medicine. He earned his doctorate in 2015 and has since focused on developing cutting-edge osteotomy techniques, such as minimal-invasive femur and tibia procedures, now used globally.

Dr. Kley’s work includes using computer simulations to refine surgical methods and devising a groundbreaking hip replacement technique that accelerates patient recovery. He aims to make The London Knee Osteotomy Centre a world leader in osteotomy.

An active member of numerous professional organizations, Dr. Kley is also a sought-after speaker who shares his expertise through lectures, teaching, and live surgeries at international events.