Our minimally invasive approach – unique in the UK

The London Hip Clinic uses the Röttinger technique, which is relatively new in the UK. Unlike traditional ‘posterior approach’ total hip replacement surgery, which cuts deep into muscles and tissue to access the hip joint, this innovative technique involves making only a tiny incision and stretching rather than cutting through muscle to avoid tissue damage and scarring.

How our total hip replacement works

For most people, it is a day case procedure. You will be able to get up and walk around within hours of your surgery, with minimal pain and swelling and in many cases without crutches.

Because this unique approach does not involve cutting through muscles, there is less tissue trauma and minimal scarring. Most patients do not need to restrict their movement immediately after surgery and are walking without crutches within hours.

Fast recovery

There is less swelling or damage to surrounding tissue than in traditional surgical approaches. The result of this is that your ability to sit comfortably, bend or do everyday tasks will not be restricted, so you can return to your daily life with less risk of dislocating your new joint.

In many cases, people experience the ‘forgotten hip’ feeling, meaning your new joint feels entirely normal, with a pain-free return to activities – including sports like skiing, hiking or tennis.

Most people can walk on the same day as their surgery, with minimal need for pain relief.

Low risk

With any hip surgery, there is a risk of complications during and after the procedure. These include bleeding, infection, or injury to nearby nerves. However, The London Hip Clinic’s Röttinger method means that compared with traditional surgery:

About The London Hip Clinic

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